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International Women in Leadership (IWIL)

  The International Women in Leadership (iWiL) is a project that I have been working on since 2013 as a result of the increasing interest we have had from women and men all over the world. The team has decided to launch the iWiL project here inside Women In Management UK .       Our intentions are […]

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Are You On The Programme – Mentoring

We are pleased to be able to announce that the next Horizon Mentoring® programme cohort introduction session will take place on 30th May in Leicester.  We are just putting the finishing touching together for our long awaited next introductory session. If you’ve signed up to take part in our Horizon Mentoring® programme, you should have received […]

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Holding Yourself Back?!

I want to share with you, a recent tale from my own experience. It’s really a little about how not going for what you really want, can in reality actually be a means of holding yourself back from making progress in life and business more swiftly.  At times we may wonder why we’re not making […]

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Authentic Leadership Secrets

A short snippet to get you thinking about your leadership and it’s effectiveness. We were invited to an event to discuss  “Secrets of the Global Best” How Conscious Companies are Outperforming all the Rest. Details on the event can be found through the link below.  We found this short video thought provoking, so decided to share […]

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