Business Start Up


More people and in particular more women are starting their own businesses than ever.  Figures indicate that last year 58% of all new start-ups were women own in the UK.  Women have been using their skills to generate extra income whilst at home and looking after their families for generations. Now some are the main income generators in their households.

From cake baking and decorating to dress making.  Now women owned businesses can take the form of anything from Consulting to IT and Internet Development to Design, Manufacturing and Eco-Friendly Equipment.

Our Business Start-up Pages aim to provide helpful advice, discussion and ideas help you get going right from start-up to mature business.

If you've recently started your business, considering business start-up or have been in business for sometime, do get engaged by sharing your views, discussing any issues or information that may be helpful to our community.

In addition to the articles on this site we will be running some Workshops and Training Sessions to support members who would like some hands on support to help their move forward.   Our Business Start Up interventions will you give the boost you need to get you moving and starting on achieving that dream you've be nurturing - running a business of your own.

Our training has been designed to help you to gain the knowledge, skill, understanding and practical know-how you need from people who have done just what you're looking to do now successfully.


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