Females in Top Leadership Positions Around the World

Women in Top Leadership Positions

Females in Top Leadership Positions Around the World

The topic of gender equality in leadership roles such as C-suite positions (CEO, CFO, COO etc.) and board-level involvement is important, and many efforts have been made to progress in this area. Here at Market Inspector, we created a map showcasing the percentage of female board members of companies around the world, as well as the gender diversity in management positions.

Methodology & Scope

The data was gathered from the Credit Suisse Gender 3000 report, which was published in 2016. The map illustrates the compiled data from two tables in the report: the percentage of female board members, and the gender diversity in management positions in companies around the world.

In addition to the map, we created an informative video to further delineate the landscape of gender equality in the workplace around the world. Data from the Credit Suisse Gender 3000 report was used, as well as the Davies Report in the UK to highlight the local situation.

To read more on this report from Market Inspector, follow this link.


Or you can watch the video here


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