With A Little Help From My Friends

Like most people I am one of those that makes plans at the start of each New Year.  I'd not say that I was into new year resolutions, but I like very much to reflect on the successes and failures in relation to my business, so that I can push myself on to achieving more.

Another thing that works for me in the New Year is the fact that my birthday is early in the year, so this year I decided to combine my refocusing with celebrating my birthday.

One of my targets this year is to learn a little more about and hopefully improve my attempts at writing script for business.

So I invited a select group of my female friends to join me for a special arranged scriptwriting session on business and self promotion.  The session was led by another good friend  Helen Palmer, who did a fabulous job for us, shring from her knowledge and experience.

Having a group of friends with me at this session really made the session special.  We were able to share our thoughts, support each others business approach to promotion and advertising, provide some suggestions and ideas, but more importantly make positive contributions to each other without the competition usually found at open sessions.

So thanks to my friends and a big thanks to Helen.  I would say that this presentation one of the best sessions I've ever attended.  I came away with some really realistic, but simple steps that I could take myself.

Bringing my friends together like this gave us the opportunity to take another look at a topic that many of us find difficult, particularly as it relates to our business, for those of us who are self employed.

So with a little help from some of my friends I'm on my way to making an excellent start to achieving my objectives for this year.  I think I might well bring this group of friends together later in the year to find out how they and I have got on.

What do you do at the start of the year to get yourself going?



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