Ladies, Know How To Keep Yourselves Safe!

As a working professional, you’ll see yourself travelling to your office or various offices of a day. It’s shocking to find that crime rates during the daytime are on the rise, and criminals are getting bolder by the minute. We now live in an era where we don’t even feel safe walking the streets, let alone leaving our homes. Knowing how to keep yourself safe, especially as a woman can be quite confusing.


There are many articles out there that encourage striking out and screaming to the top of your lungs, but striking out gives means for an attacker to attack and screaming (although drawing attention to your attacker) also gives them means to place their hands on you, if not just to shut you up. There are several steps you can take to deter and discourage bad behaviours and also ways in which you can stop yourself from looking like a moving target. So what can we do?

Equipment for your handbag - there are several pieces of equipment recommended for anyone to use when being attacked by a mugger. Firstly there is mace, which is effective in the short term but can go wrong if the wind blows some in your own eyes. You can also purchase different kinds of taser gun, but they’re very invasive and effectively tie to to your attacker. There are also lots of handheld alarms which can be used as a deterrent, unlike screaming, the loud noise is not specifically coming from you and they’re designed to make the attacker walk/run away. These alarms are the best handbag tool to use as they do not involve physical harm, which could actually land you in trouble if you’re not careful.


Never being alone - of course in an ideal world we’d all have a friend with us to double the numbers and theoretically half your chances of an attack, but you don’t have to have someone physically there to avoid attack. Using a bluetooth headset might make you look a bit of a looney on the streets, but being on a phone of some sort can really help to deter attackers. It’s that connection with other people that builds the chances of them getting caught. Even if you were to be approached, the chances are they are after your phone and you should just give it to them. Having your phone stolen sucks, but they’re very clever and can be tracked down, so let them have it. You’re also never alone in the sense of CCTV as most buildings and built up areas will have a camera or two to help keep you safe. You can get CCTV cameras for not just residential areas but also for commercial properties.


Confidence is key - it might sound more like a prep talk for an interview but it’s certainly got a ring of truth to it. Those who act like prey will eventually become prey, just like in the animal kingdom. If you show that you are scared or afraid then you are making yourself the victim on your own. You need to walk confidently and keep your chin up, keeping your eyes on where you are walking rather than on potential attackers across the road. If you need help to boost your confidence then you can always take up a sport to keep fit such as foxy boxing, zumba or karate. Just remember that you’re a strong woman, anyone who dare take you on is nothing but a fool!


Author Bio: Jade Waddy is an experienced writer with an NOCN level 3 in journalism. She is a writer for Sharibble but does also write for Big Brother All Security.

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