Studio Lambert, the BAFTA-award winning production company behind shows such as Gogglebox, Undercover Boss and Doctor in the House are producing a new family health television series for BBC One which will follow our resident GP, Dr, Rangan Chatterjee, as he immerses himself in the lives of British families.  They are currently looking for people and their families in your area to take part.

Studio Lambert is reaching out to families in which one or more family members are living with ongoing health issues; no matter how minor they may seem. From weight concerns to bad backs, insomnia to fatigue, stress to over-doing it with alcohol, our doctor would work with the family for an extended period of time to support them in making positive changes that could potentially make a huge difference to their health and family life.

The average GP appointment in the UK is only 8-10 minutes, so our aim is to see what affect our doctor can have on the health of a family with a more personal, tailored and one on one approach during a series of health visits done in the comfort of their very own home.

Studio Lambert hopes that this would prove to be a fun, informative and valuable experience for the participating families that could potentially really change the way they live their lives.

If you are interested in participating call 0203 040 6903 or email at doctor@studiolambert.com


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