Pay for Family Work

Do you know how much women get paid for the millions of hours work they do for the family each year?  Some people might say its family work so why should women be paid for it?

A report released by Oxfam earlier this year put the spotlight on the link between global inequalities and an issue at the core of our work: unpaid care work. I'm sure many of us didn't even consider that such a link existed.

Over the years we frequently share information coming out from the European group Make Mothers Matter, who put out a statement for International Women's Day on the topic of unpaid care work.

“Care is at the heart of humanity. All human beings are dependent on care, as both recipients and providers. Care is necessary for the existence and reproduction of societies and the workforce and for the overall wellbeing of every individual. The very essence of having independent and autonomous citizens as well as productive workers relies on the provision of care.” 2

You may find this statement informative and can read it in full here.

Unpaid Care Work

Let us know your views on care work, which is mostly carried out by women.  Should this work be paid?

More on the Make Mothers Matter organisation can be found by following this link

Make Mothers Matter
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