Brand Change for EMWA

Well, it's been a very busy start of 2020 and its only the third week.  If you've been following the activities taking place over the past three years with the East Midlands Women's Awards (EMWA) you will know what a tremendous amount of growth has taken place.

We've been looking back at our stats and here's what we've achieved in such a short time:

In 2018, EMWA achieved the following:

  • 30% increase in nominations
  • 63% increase in attendance
  • Sold-out awards event

In 2019, EMWA success continued with:

  • 73% increase in nominations
  • 33% increase in attendance
  • 300% increase in social media engagement
  • Another sold-out awards event.

Isn't that amazing?  I'd say it certainly is.

Well, the big news out today is the next stage of our evolution.  Now into our fourth year a rebranding and repositioning of the Awards are taking place.  I may have mentioned this before or you may have noticed the slight change to the headings on this website.  Now we are a step further along with the road.

Let me share today's big news with you.  Below are the logos you will be seeing more of going forward.

This is all thanks to our amazing Women's Awards Brand Design & Website Development Sponsor, Creative Direction.

What are you seeing here?  The main logo for The Women's Awards is purple and gold.  We're keeping these colours.

The East Midlands Region will be denoted by the blue and gold, whilst the West Midlands Region by deep pink and gold.  And as other regions come on board we will be adding further colours to match.  This is all the magical creative thinking of David Major, owner of Creative Direction.   Awesome!  Thank you, David.

In addition to rebranding the awards, Creative Direction is creating a bespoke website to host the new awards.  We look forward to sharing this with you in the coming weeks.

We will be having an event to launch the new website, so keep in contact to find out when and where, if you'd like to come along.

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