Press Release: EMWA 2019 Winners & Finalists

On Friday 11th October, women from the East Midlands were celebrated at the East Midlands Women’s Awards.

Pictured: Claire Twells, winner of Outstanding Senior Female Executive Award 2019 and East Midlands Inspirational Female Leader 2019 with Sandra Pollock

The prestigious East Midlands Women’s Awards (EMWA), which is now in its third year, was held at Nottingham’s stunning Colwick Hall and hosted by BBC Radio Leicester presenters Rupal Rajani and Dave Andrews, with special guest the Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, Sir John Peace in attendance who voiced his interest in increasing the number of women in senior roles.

The East Midlands Women’s Awards (EMWA) recognizes and celebrates women from all sectors, backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and age, making it the region’s most inclusive event.  Furthermore, it acknowledges the impact of women in society – from grass-roots levels to the top of the academic or corporate world.

Sandra Pollock, Founder of the EMWA, said: “This year’s awards marks our third year and we are blown away with the award nominations we received which proudly represent a wide spectrum of sectors, backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and ages, and I believe they deserve to be recognised. In fact, we’ve seen a growth of over 70% in nominations, which is thrilling.”

She continues; “It’s been an incredible evening celebrating and recognising
the work these amazing women – and supporting men – do in our communities.”

The 2019 awards’ headline sponsor was Glynis Wright & Co Family Solicitors – notably, Glynis was the winner of the ‘East Midlands Inspirational Female Leader’ in 2017 and challenged the female guests to dream big, saying ‘if their dreams didn’t scare them; dream bigger’ in order to affect real change and create more opportunities for women in the future.

Sandra Pollock rounded off the event announcing that whilst the East Midlands Women’s Awards will remain her flagship event, she will be expanding and moving into the West Midlands in 2020.

Winners were:

  • Outstanding Woman of Community Impact   – Charity & Voluntary Award 2019
    Sponsored by Inspiring CIC)

WINNER: Maria Hanson MBE  ¦  Finalist:  Sue McEniff                  

  • Outstanding Woman in Arts, Media & Music Award 2019
    Sponsored by Dluxe Magazine)

WINNER: Kelly McCormack ¦  Finalist: Abbi Burns

  • Outstanding BAME Female Leader of the Year Award 2019
    Sponsored by EMBNN)

WINNER: Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan  ¦  Finalist: Farhana Sheikh

  • Outstanding Senior Female Executive Award 2019
    (Sponsored by Open Mind Training & Development Ltd)

WINNER: Claire Twells   ¦   Finalist: Claire-Marie Cuthbert

  • Outstanding Woman in Education Award 2019  
    (Sponsored by Cosy Direct)

WINNER: Claire-Marie Cuthbert   ¦  Finalist: Wendy Colebourne        

  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019
    (Sponsored by Finance Lab)
    Amanda Strong  ¦  Finalist: Estelle Keeber                          
  • Outstanding Woman in Professional Services Award 2019
    (Sponsored by Bev Sankey)
    WINNER: Nisha Tanna  ¦  Finalist: Bhumika Parmar
  • Outstanding Female Leader in a Market Town Award 2019
    (Sponsored by Women in Management UK)
    WINNER: Lucy Lewin
    Finalist: Felicity Francis
  • Outstanding Woman in Care Services Award 2019 

(Sponsored by Uppingham First)

WINNER: Sue Grogan   ¦   Finalist: Justina Nurse

  • Outstanding Woman in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Award 2019
    (Sponsored by Open Mind Training & Development Ltd)

WINNER: Suzanne Davies  ¦    Finalist: Jigna Varu

  • Inspirational Male Supporting Woman Leaders Award 2019
    (Sponsored by Open Mind Training & Development Ltd)
    WINNER: Herdle White     ¦   Finalist: Mark Harrison
  • East Midlands Inspirational Female Leader 2019
    (Sponsored by Glynis Wright & Co.)

    WINNER: Claire Twells 
         ¦   Finalist: Claire-Maria Cuthbert

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Photo Credit: Smilin Occasionz

About East Midlands Women’s Awards

The East Midlands Women’s Awards celebrates the regional contribution of women
across Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, and
Northamptonshire.  The purpose of these Awards is to raise awareness, recognise and
celebrate the hard work and valuable contribution of women from all cultures, communities, and sectors.

To find out more information about the Awards contact Sandra Pollock on 07977 227872 or email

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