Time For You, Time For Change – Two

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Date(s) - 1 Jun 2019
3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Shree Rajput Sangathan Samaji (Leicester)

More about Time For You, Time For Change – Two

We all need to take some time out for ourselves just to rebalance; to reconnect to who we are and who we really want to be.

Without this important reconnecting we struggle with stress, mental and physical health, confidence and self-belief. This may then impact on our relationships at home, at work and in how we see our future and careers.

In these sessions, you will be taken through looking at how you can improve your life, your outlook, your future and success in all levels of your life

  1. Mindfulness and Managing Your Stress
  2. Confidence and Self Esteem
  3. Creating Happier You, a Happier Life
  4. Employment, Career or Your Own Business
  5. Standing Tall Where You Are
  6. Owning Your Own Power
  • And more…

These free workshops are designed to help you create a happier and more successful you.  Don’t You Deserve this gift to yourself? You will become more confident, self-assured, have a growth mindset and be more resilient in your path. Book a place for yourself onto these fun and inspiring sessions.

In this second workshop will look at ‘Confidence and Self Esteem’. Learn how to become your more confidence self and develop a level of self-esteem that will take you forward with inner strength. This is your time out for yourself become the amazing person you dream of being.

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Course tutor:
Sandra Pollock is a powerful and inspirational teacher and speaker. Sandra will be working with you in these sessions. She runs two businesses, is also an author, TV and Radio presenter who has worked with over thirty years of people and business development.
This programme is funded by Santander and Inspiring You CIC.