Hall of Fame

The WIMUK Hall of Fame is a gallery of  individuals who have support the vision and values of WIMUK over the years, and who have worked with us to develop opportunities, resources, programmes and activities to help women and girls to achieve their true potential.

We hope you will be inspired by their words and contribution and that you will join them too.

Ron SimpsonRon Simpson - President and Regional Chair of the CMI East Midlands Regional Forum

Company Secretary of Uppingham First, Director, Digital Uppingham Ltd and Coordinator of Rultnad Consortium.

Former President and Regional Chair of the CMI East Midlands Regional Forum.
Ron is a passionate support of WIMUK  in the East Midlands.

Eleanor MacDonald - Founder and President of Women In ManagementEleanor Macdonald, OBE

Former wartime intelligence officer, Founder and president of Women In Management, September 1, 1910 - February 11, 2004, aged 93

Eleanor Macdonald was a radiant character; passionate in her dedication to the advancement of women at all levels. Yet she was bemused by the women’s lib movement which developed in parallel with her own brand of feminism in the Seventies and Eighties. She had more practical success, she felt, at “beating the John Knox factor” and regarded fashionable feminism as somewhat self-indulgent. She led Women In Management until 1989, when she passed the presidency to Mary Baker. She was then appointed OBE, and received an honorary doctorate from Bradford University.

This piece was taken from the Sunday Times March 1 2004,   http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/obituaries/article1094802.ece

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Eleanor MacDonald is the inspiration for the work of Women In Management UK.