What the Mentor will do?

If you are new to mentoring you might wonder what exactly a Mentor might do with you during the sessions.

The role of the Mentor is to support, guide and encourage the Mentee in developing the skills and focus of the Mentee for their own personal development in the areas the Mentee has raise for discussion or consideration.

A good Mentor should:

  • Be willing to invest time and effort into the Mentoring Relationship to support you in considering methods and opportunities to help you to achieve your desired outcome;
  • Encourage to you to explore ideas and facilitate your self-directed learning;
  • Encourage the Mentee's strengths and help them to work on improve their area that are identified for improvement;
  • Assist the Mentee to establish realistic career goals and plan to achieve them;
  • Encourage the Mentee to identify, establish and maintain good  and appropriate working relationships with others;
  • Act as a gateway to other opportunities, individuals and sources of knowledge and information;
  • Offer support and advice on a holistic range of issues affecting the Mentee, including non-work related aspects, where thought appropriate;
  • Agree to a regular, mutually convenient contact schedule with their Mentee;
  • Encourage the Mentee to keep a record of the sessions and to track her or her own progress;
  • Support the Mentee to take increasing responsibility for his or her own development.