A Message for you on International Women’s Day

Many of us will be getting involved in one way or another today the 8th March to celebration International Women's Day.

We will be sharing and hearing many very important messages from all across the world on what still needs to be done to improve the plight of millions of women on our planet.

We will also be hearing some wonderful stories of amazing progress that has been made, about girls and women who have made a difference or changed their lives.  And thankfully, we will also be hearing about many men you are working along-side woman to make this necessary change in the gender balance come about.

We came across a lovely video of a conversation between Jada Pinket Smith and her daughter Willow which we thought you would find uplifting and heart warming.  In addition, we hope it will help you to remember the importance and giving yourself some well deserved time.  Without taking time to remember who we are, and the unique gifts we as women give to the whole of humanity, it can be very easy to forget why we are here and what's really important.

May your celebration of this year's International Woman's Day bring you closer to the realisation that in truth we are all one human race.

We hope you will enjoy it.

Jada Pinkett Smith Is Asked: How Hard Is It Being a Wife and Mom? I Didn’t Expect Her to Be So Real.

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