Job Hopping Better for Women

Hoppers 3A recent article by the Fast Company based on data provide by LinkedIn (yes, you've noticed that the Fast Company is my latest place for interesting articles) discussing the fact that their data shows that women between certain age groups change jobs more frequently than men do.

I found this quite interesting as my husband and I have always compared the fact that I've had far move jobs than he has and I must admit to being somewhat older than the age group noted in the LinkedIn data.  He has been in the same job for nearly 30 years and I've done far too many to recall here.  I would say that all this is in keeping with our different personalities.

It would really be an interesting study to find out why women change jobs more frequently.  For me, I've never been afraid to move jobs and have always done so based on what it is I've wanted to do or what I'm interested in at the time.  My longer term goal, even from a very young age was to work for myself and I've done this for quite a few years now.  So one of my motivations for job-hopping has been to learn and get more experience in the different areas, sectors, etc., backing up what it was that I wanted to build a business in the longer term.

But I do like to keep my fingers in the corporate arena.  This is good for me and for the businesses I work with from time to time because I am far more effective coming into focus entirely on what the issues are, putting aside and not getting caught up in all the politics. I am better just running the project, turning around a failing department or business, and leaving it in a far better position and then move on.

But why are younger women moving around so frequently? I do believe that this is a great way to learn new skills, stop oneself getting bored, demotivated and less effective, not to mention move up the corporate ladder more quickly.  It is also a great way to increase one's income as English businesses seem to find it easier to pay a newcomer a higher salary that to promote and increase the salary of women within.

61cm-retro-space-hopper-union-jackThese may well be some of the reasons female job hoppers do what they do.

I am looking forward to finding out the results of LinkedIn's future studies on this subject.  They should have a great deal of data from which to decipher the reasons, although qualitative data would yield some interesting answers as well.

I also hope that they do a study on the UK and not only on their USA member data.

Would you consider yourself a job-hopper?  And if so, what might your reasons be for moving around so frequently?

 Sandra Pollock

Director, Open Mind Coaching 

Strategic Business Coach, TV & Radio Presenter, Motivational Speaker

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