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The WIMUK National is an independent Network a well established network national organisation addressing the key issues affecting female managers in their career and business aspirations.

We work to provide opportunities to support the development and encouragement of the aspirations of women and girls to achieve their true potential, through a range of benefits, opportunities, event and development activities.

The entire focus of WIMUK is to support women's aspirations and development.  WIMUK is not an activist organisation, but works with the support of both genders to achieve it's aim.

Join WiMUK today!  Raise your aspirations and achieve your true potential.

Women In Management UK [WIMUK] is an independent Network is focused totally on networking and development activities for women managers at all levels; this includes aspiring managers.

WIMUK Network members can attend any events run by our network across the UK and where there is a charge will benefit from a discounted WIMUK membership rate.  In addition, the regular newsletter, keeps members in touch, shares information about groups, events, opportunities and success stories, and highlights issues of interest to women as they progress their management and business career.

WIMUK have a reputation for excellent speakers and lively discussion.  Events are welcoming, stimulating, rewarding - and fun!  Whether the speaker provides information about the latest management thinking, issues and developments in the workplace, offers personal or professional development, the event also includes ample opportunities to exchange ideas and for relaxed networking with like-minded people.


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