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Strategy Master Classes are small invite only sessions, for individuals who are serious about making changes in their career and/or businesses.

As a serious business owner, director or leader it is sometimes difficult to find opportunities to share problems or issues with your peers, gain their insights, seek inspiration and further hone your skills in a strictly confidential environment.  If describes how you feel at times, our Strategic Master Classes offers the answer to all this and more.

Developing a Career or Business Strategy that will succeed is the desire of all business owners and managers.  Achieving this is vital, takes flexibility, the willingness to change and the know-how' to do it; it sometimes also requires the support of others to help us in achieving the success we can.   This is where our Master Classes will prove valuable.  This format offers the accountability to yourself and others that will push you forward.

We offer two Strategy Master Class programmes:

The Strategy Masterclass Group

Designed to focus primarily on getting your business and organisational strategy, mission setting, short and long term objectives in line.
You will learn from other leaders and experts in their field, who have the experience, have developed methods and proven skills to meet the challenges of business you might be facing.  You'll gain the support of experts on to deal with specific strategic related issues which could be hindering you from getting or keeping your business from moving forward.The Master Class format is designed towards professional development and new personal learning and is distinct from a typical ‘workshop’ or ‘training’.  For this reason they are limited in number to allow for individual and supportive interaction.Contact us today to join or find our more about  The Strategy Masterclass Group    or call us on +44 7977 227872Career Masterclass GroupThe Career Masterclass sessions are designed towards professional development, personal and individual learning; are  focus on the helping those who want to move their career up and forward, including how to meet the challenges of career transition, for those wanting to change their career path.

These sessions will help you to identify particular personal or business related attitudes (personal or staff related) changes are required, set your own objective and discuss specifically how these may be achieved.

The Master Class format is designed towards professional development and new personal learning and are distinct from a typical ‘workshop’ or ‘training’.  For this reason they are limited in number to allow for individual and supportive interaction.

Contact us today to join or find our more about the Career Masterclass Programme  or call us on +44 7977 227872 


In addition to hearing from experts, experienced leaders and executives, programmes will include learning about and using some of the latest techniques and strategies that will help you to outline, draw, monitor, review and executive your strategies, ensuring we use all that is necessary to help you achieve the success you want.  You will learn more about yourself, how to read, communicate and interact with others to achieve better relationships.

For an additional charge members may gain the support of an individual coach to support them outside of the Masterclass programme.  Please ask for more information if this is of interest to you.

How we started

Our Master Classes begun a few years ago when a couple of friends decided to help each other make their businesses successful by coaching each other and sharing their knowledge and experience.  For several years this was a very small, closed group and has help each of the original members to progress both their careers and their businesses.

The Master Class meetings take place several times during the year and has remained in the main limited in number.  Members can however invite others at certain times of the year.  The group consists of experience and knowledgeable individuals who are committed to each other and the development of their business.  This new programme is our wish to extend what we have learnt and the opportunities we have shared to others.

For professional, high level, expert support for you and your business sign up for the Masterclass that will make a difference to you or your money back guaranteed.

If after 12 months of following our programme you are not happy we will return 100% cost of the programme guaranteed!

You have nothing to loose and Everything to Gain!

Book your place on one or both of our Master Class programmes.

Places are limited and are on a first come first book basis.

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