News about the Directive on Maternity Leave

The unnamedcampaign against the withdrawal of the proposal to review the EU Directive on Maternity Leave bore fruits.
Although the European Commission finally decided in July 2015 to withdraw this proposal, due to the campaign, we were able to obtain from the Commission a commitment to present in 2016 a new initiative reconciling work and family life.
The Commission then released a new roadmap (first step before legislating) aiming at allowing parents or workers with dependent family members, to better balance care work and work responsibilities by modernizing the existing legislative framework to better adapt it.
Make Mothers Matter would like to include in the new initiative the "right to request": the right for workers to request the employer to adapt their working conditions. The employer is obliged to duly consider the request and any reject has to be motivated by reasons specifically listed in the law. This initiative, adopted in 2003 in the UK for parents of children under 17 or those caring for an adult, was extended in 2014 to all employees, due to its success.

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MMM keeps working to better reconcile work and family life, as suggested by the 12.000 mothers who answered the survey conducted in 2011 by the European Delegation of MMM.
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