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This year has been quite a busy time for WiM National and an invitation to attend and speak at the Malta Institute of Management's Women In Management Conference last week (10th May 2012), was another of the exiting event.

As National Chair it is always a pleasure when I am asked to speak on behalf of WiM.  To be asked to speak as a mother was particularly welcoming and exciting.  Many of us mothers, me included, forget to recognised the work that we do as mothers.  This usually happens because little emphasis and sometimes little value is placed on contribution to society of mothers by policy makers.  I felt it was very commendable for President of MIM to take the bold step to convene a conference on this topic.  Well done to Reuben Buttigieg and his team on this and for welcoming me for what was a superb conference.

The Conference and the results of the Survey of Mothers in Europe, presented via video link by Julie de Bergeyck has brought home to me how little we listen to mothers across Europe and in the UK.  I believe that this is certainly an area that we need to look into further.  This may well be an area of work for WiM.  As I listened to and read the report I could certainly identify with the findings and with many, if not all of the quotes given by women all across Europe.  I know that I have made decisions and choices on my own career to ensure that I could be around to raise my daughter and be apart of her development, particularly when she was younger and when she was about to commence her teenage years.

For far too many women, both in the report and those I have spoken to since coming back from Malta, I realise many feel that other people have raised their children, because they could not afford to stay at home, at crucial points in their children's development.  As we all know, when that time is gone, its gone, we cannot find it again.  It is wonderful for those of us who do have husbands, partners and parents to help us with raising our children, but there is nothing like being there ourselves.

Another powerful point which has come from the report is that not as many women do want to stay home full-time as one would think.  There is a misconception, particularly in the UK, that assumes that all women want to stay home full time, all of the time to raise their children, but this is clearly not the case.

My time in Malta was wonderful with excellent hospitality from the staff of MIM.  My special thanks and appreciate goes to Reuben (President), Matteo and especially Rita, who took some time out of her day to show me around Malta.  What a beautiful country.  I look forward to further working with MIM.

Here are some pictures taken during my visit to Malta


Here is a link to the Malta Institute of Management

You can find the gallery of the meeting, a highliths video with a lot of statements.  Enjoy!


If you have any points or comments on this subject of Mothers in Europe, please to share them with us.  I look forward to hearing from you.   Sandra Pollock.



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