Why Join WiM?

Although there has been progress made over the past decade which as seen an increase in the numbers of women moving further up the corporate ladder to boardroom positions, many would agree that there is still more to be done.

Recent reports continue to outline the inequality in gender pay and board room positions.  Even many of those women who are currently holding middle and senior management, report that they:

  • Still feel isolated;
  • Are under pressure to succeed;
  • Value receiving and giving personal support;
  • Want to share success;
  • Want to learn from each other;
  • Want and value a safe environment to be themselves;
  • Value active participation and networking with others;
  • Value the opportunity to share insights on how women (customers & colleagues) think, etc.

WiM provides this and much more.  There is still a clear need for a women’s management organisation and WiM is it and has been since its inception in 1969.

Join an organisation with a history of making a profound difference and impact to women, organisations and the UK.

Find the support, development and value you deserve, join WiM today.

To join our on-line community start by Joining here

And for full WiM Affilate CMI membership,  

talk to a member of our membership team about joining at CMI call us on 01536 207369




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