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    • o Hello All and thanks for letting me become part of WiM. I work for Lancashire Constabulary and have done so for 26 years in a variety of different posts and areas of business. I have been involved in roads policing, crime, leadership development and the setting up and implementing of an environmental scanning function for the constabulary.
      I am a Charter Manager and a member of CMI after completing my level 7 certificate in Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring, which I now use to mentor and coach staff within the Constabulary. In my spare time I am an avid runner (if a little slow) and a UKA Running Leader and I am in the process of qualifying as a UKA Running Coach. I lead two mixed ability running groups one of which can have up to 70 members attending which has its own leadership challenges!. I have run all over the place including the Olympic Stadium, New York and Paris in Marathons, half marathons and smaller events raising money for a variety of different charities. I also work part time in a Running Shop to enhance and improve my knowledge of the sport but also to gain private sector business perspective which I think is important to maintain a balance of knowledge between the public and private sector

    • Hi Shebby,
      Welcome to WiM. It’s great to learn a little about you and what work you do. I also completed my Chartered Manager some time ago and found it a very rewarding.
      I have always wanted to do a half marathon, but have never quite got around to too. You are an inspiration. I must try go get doing it into my schedule.
      Do keep us updated on your interests.
      I look forward to hearing more.