Mentor Information


Mentoring helps people to develop their full potential and achieve their goals either personally or in relation to their career aspirations.

Mentoring is more than 'giving advice' or passing on your experience.  It involves motivating and empowering the other person to identify their own issues and goals and helping them to find ways of resolving and reaching them - not by doing this for them or expecting them 'to do it they way I did it', but by understanding, respecting, suggesting and encouraging different ways to engage with others and unlock their potential.  It may also include making introductions, where appropriate or suggesting areas for further investigation and discovery.

Mentors also benefit from the experience of Mentoring by enhancing their ability to engage with others, support the development of others and help them to achieve their desired goals and unlock their true potential.

What is Mentoring About?

Essentially, Mentoring provides a two way learning experience for both the Mentor and the Mentee.  The Horizon Mentoring® Programme, has been developed and designed by WIMUK to provide support, guidance, motivation and encouragement to the Mentee, based on the knowledge, life and experience of the Mentor and others.

Benefits for the Mentor

As the Mentor works with the Mentee to support her achievement of her goals, the Mentor is able to further deliver his or her skills of inter-personal communication and leadership.  The Mentor will also benefit from this development relationship by know that she or he is helping and supporting someone else, giving back to the community. This experience can be a very satisfying experience.

What makes a good mentor?

[box style="rounded" border="full"]A good mentor is someone who is :

  • Interested and willing to help others;
  • Able to offer a broad perspective and draw on appropriate experience and knowledge for benefit of the Mentee;
  • Competent in key mentoring skills of listening, facilitating, questioning, maintaining focus and networking;
  • Honest, timely and committed to maintains the appropriate development relationship with their mentee;
  • Committing the developing and supporting the Horizon Mentoring® programme.


What a Mentor does

The role of the mentor is support, guide and encourage the Mentee in developing the skills necessary to achieve their objectives and to help focus their personal development.

[box style="rounded" border="full"]A good Mentor should:

  • Be willing to invest the agreed time and effort into the Mentoring Relationship and fulfil the agree commitments;
  • Encourage exploration of ideas and facilitate self-directed learning;
  • Encourage the Mentee's strengths and help them work on their weaknesses;
  • Assist the Mentee to establish realistic career goals and plan how to achieve them;
  • Act as a gateway to other people, where appropriate and agreed, and to other sources of knowledge and information;
  • Offer support and advice on a holistic range of issues affecting the Mentee, including non-work related aspects, where appropriate and agreed;
  • Observe confidentiality and personal boundaries at all times;
  • Support the Mentee to take increasing responsibility for her own development.


Your Mentor Application

If you would like to apply to take part as a Mentor on the Horizon Scheme please tell us a little about yourself. We'll then send you through to our main application form and, if successful, you will be matched with a Mentee and arrangements made for first contact..