Getting Started

Once the matching process has been completed, both Mentor and the Mentee will be informed and encouraged to make contact and arrange their first meeting.

This should be in a place or method that both participants agree upon, with enough time set aside to have meaningful introductory conversation.  It is not necessary that this meeting is conducted face to face, however, if this is at all possible, it is encouraged.

A suggested checklist for the first meeting can be downloaded from this link 'First Meeting Checklist'.

For the first and subsequent meetings, the Mentee should:

  • Agree the purpose of the meeting and be prepared to share this with the Mentor;
  • Outline the purpose for seeking a Mentor, the aims and objective for developing this relationship and for taking part in the Horizon scheme;
  • Lead the discussion so that issues can be explored from the Mentee's perspective;
  • Listen to the Mentor who will share from their experience and knowledge, as appropriate to the issues raised and discussed by the Mentee;
  • Agree with the Mentor actions and milestones for both parties
  • With the Mentor, outline the agenda for the next meeting i.e. time, date, agenda, method and location.