Address Problems in the Relationship

Mentoring relationships can run into problems for a number of reasons.  These include:

  • Mentee and Mentor having different expectations of the Mentoring relationship;
  • A lack of clarity over what is to be gained and achieved from the Mentor Relationship;
  • A lack of commitment on either to carry out the agreed actions;
  • A different style or approach that clashes rather than complements;
  • A lack of rapport;
  • A lack of time;
  • An inappropriate level of dependency on each other.


Mentees and Mentors will be asked to participate in the programme only if they can commit to the time it will take and the Code of Ethics of the programme.

The focus on outcomes is also key to the Horizon scheme, so some of the potential problems identified should be mitigated.

However, it may be that two individuals simple cannot feel comfortable enough with each other to embark on a constructive Mentoring Relationship.  If this occurs, it is important that this is discussed with your Horizon Co-ordinator at the earliest convenience.

You will be informed of the name and contact details of your Co-ordinator with the scheme, but you may also contact Laura Edwards via email on who will be happy to discuss the issues and arrange for alternative pairing if required.


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