Would You Make a Good Mentor?

The WiM Horizon Mentoring scheme is looking for Mentors to work initially on a six month pilot mentoring scheme, the results and findings of which will be used to benefit the full launch of the programme.

The Horizon Mentoring scheme has been developed to continue the excellent work on WiM members and volunteers in helping to raise the aspirations and ambitions of girls and women and to help them achieve their true potential.

We are looking to engage both experienced Mentors and those interesting in becoming Mentors.

If you can answer yes, to the following questions we are looking for you.

Are you:

  • Interested and willing to help others;
  • able to offer a broad perspective and draw appropriately from your experience and knowledge;
  • competent in the key mentoring skills of listening, facilitating, questioning and networking;
  • Read to take action?
  • Looking to give a helping hand to someone else?
  • A WiM/CMI/IC member?
  • Ready to work with a Mentee to work on achieving their goals?
  • Ready to help develop a scheme to help another WiM Member?

Then take action now.  Complete the application form and benefit from Horizon.


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