Pathways To Success

Pathways to Success' is a series of personal development training sessions that we have built to support Women In Management across the UK, coming out of a series of surveys, questionnaires and individual requests,   from our members to provide training and support that more specifically meets their needs.

The programmes are designed to meet the needs or our members who are not ready to undertake a programme of qualification, but want to work to develop their skills, knowledge and abilities to improve their relationships, interactions, communication and overall success in life and career.

The personal development sessions offered has been developed with the help and support of our members and other forward thinking organisations, who like WiM are passionate about creating opportunities to raise the ambitions, aspirations and achievements of female population and to help them to achieve their true potential.  An outcome that can only benefit the UK PLC as a whole.

A list of our current training and development programmes can be found by following this link. 'Pathways to Success Programmes' .

Sandra Pollock,

WiM National Chair

For accredited leadership and management qualifications we would direct you to contact the Chartered Management Institute directly.