Building Confidence & Assertiveness

Would you like to be more confident about what you do?

Wish you could speak up more at work?

Wish you could say ‘no’ more often and without feeling guilty?

Do you want to be able to assertive more control over your life and situations?

The level of confidence you have will affect the way you are seen, how you feel about yourself and the level of success you achieve.


Who is this workshop for

Anyone wishing to strengthen and improve:

  • Their confidence;
  • Their ability to be assertive;
  • Anyone wanting to learn to say ‘no’ more effectively;
  • Those looking for a refresher.


During this workshop you will:

  • Understand what confidence is;
  • Understand the basic skills to developing confidence;
  • Look at how to build and maintain confidence at the levels you want;
  • Dispel the myths around assertiveness, what is it and what it is not;
  • Gain tips and techniques to confidence building;
  • Gain you tips and technique to improving your assertiveness.

Venue: TBC

Date:      TBC - part of our first Saturday of the month sessions 

Cost:      £35.00 per person


All of our sessions are run in confidential, supportive environments, ideal for help you to get to grips with these issues and move on to new levels of self-confidence and personal strength.

For more information

Contact:                               Sandra Pollock


UK Tel:                                 0797 722 7872

International Tel:         +44 797 722 7872



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