Competition for A Newsletter Name – Can you help?

E-LetterWe are running a competition to find a name for our quarterly Newsletter. If you've joined our community you should be receiving the next one shortly, but we'd like to call it something better that just the Newsletter. We are looking for some thing interesting, catchy, savvy and even sassy.

So we are asking you our community members to put your thinking caps on and let us have your suggestions.

To take part and submit your suggestions all you have to do is to email us using the form at the end of this post.  Give us your suggestions and a short sentence/paragraph on why you think your suggestion would be a good title for the WiMUK Newsletter.

Deadline for you suggestions is 30th April 2013 at midnight.

Following this all suggestions will be listed for voting and the best one will be used for the title of our newsletter.

The lucky winner will be announced a week after the votes have been counted.  He or she will be offered the 'Spot light' post where they will be interviewed and get to share a little about who they are, their hobbies interest and work - nothing too heavy, just a little fun and profile raising.Bulletin Board

So put your thinking caps on and let us have your brilliant ideas and suggestions.  Throw some ideas out and see what you come up with to give us a helping hand.  You can make as many suggestions as you come up with.  I know they will be sensible, appropriate and fun.

Send in your suggestions.

Please use this form to send in your Newsletter title suggestions.

Thank you


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