Gender Inequality in the workplace – Questionnaire

I am carrying out a project on gender inequality in the workplace. I was wondering if you would want to partake in my primary research.

My research question is: What can leaders do to challenge discrimination against women in the corporate sector in the UK?

In order to conduct some primary research I have included some interview questions which will allow me to get a greater insight on the issue from people who are familiar with the topic.

Your response will be greatly appreciated!

  1.     1.  How do you think the glass ceiling in the corporate sector can be challenged?
  2.      2. How do you think gender discrimination can be tackled in the corporate sector?
  3.      3. What actions do you think leaders should take to tackle the issue of the glass ceiling in the workplace?
  4.      4. What kind of change is needed?
  5.      5. Which leaders do you think can influence this change? Leaders can be an individual, organisations or groups
  6.      6. What challenges/barriers do you think these leaders will face?

If you would prefer a face-to-face interview or a telephone interview please let me know.  You can message me via this website.

Attached is a consent form and some information on the project.

I look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to download a copy of the questionnaires you may do so via this link.

20_credit_Project_Information_and_Consent_Form_(1) (1)

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