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The International Women in Leadership (iWiL) is a project that I have been working on since 2013 as a result of the increasing interest we have had from women and men all over the world.

The team has decided to launch the iWiL project here inside Women In Management UK.




Our intentions are to bring together interested parties in order to:
  • share research;
  • connect female leaders to others across the globe;
  • share best practice;
  • support women leaders to reach their fullest potential;
  • support women with an interest in leadership to develop their careers;
  • explore what it means to become a Board member;
We would like to hear from individuals from all over the world who have an interest in women in leadership roles.
For more information, contact Sonia Thompson at

Development Dimensions International (DDI) has produced an international study about what is keeping women out of leadership -including Board - positions. This includes how women's early careers are differently structured and how they find themselves on International Women In Leadership 2a gendered career development track.

The issue of women in leadership positions is one that keeps arising amongst our international membership. For instance, the value of women on Boards has long been recognised.

Although women are eager and capable of taking up leadership posts they often find that the existing information about leadership may not readily inform their actions and that being a woman leader involves being a perpetual minority amongst peers. These are some of the many issues which arise from an exploration of women and leadership and so we have set up a special interest group specifically to consider them - International Women in Leadership (iWiL).


Sonia Thompson

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