Kenneth OE Sundin – SME Academy

Hi all - and thank you Sandra for inviting me to this network!

A short introduction of myself to start with:

I have been working in the ICT-industry for more than 25 years in several own companies and also as partner and hired Managing Director / CEO. At the same time I have been involved in Business Development of SME´s during all the years and I am now focusing my own Business on SME´s in one way or another.

I am since a number of years engaged in transnational EUropean projects, developing tools and methods, in various fields like, MArket&Sale, Innovation, IT as a strategic Business tool, etc...

Now I am connecting Entrepreneurs and Knowledge Providers in my activities in SME Academy.

I am based in Sweden - but work all over Europe and also have Beirut, Lebanon, as a base for the Middle East region.

It would be very nice to learn more about all you here in WIM and find opportunities to share experiences and find ways to cooperate.

All the best!

Kenneth OE

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