Lighting Up Childbirth, Saving Women’s Lives

collage extra smallAnyone who knows anything about me will know a couple of things.

First, I’m passionate about supporting women and secondly, for many years, before I became a coach and mentor, the principle way I supported women was through my work as a community and labour ward midwife.

So, I know a thing or two about the process of conceiving, pregnancy and birthing and it gives me a very profound sense of peace and joy to understand that my place in the world is being alongside women who are conceiving, carrying and birthing something into the world, metaphorically speaking, it’s absolutely where I belong!

That’s why I ache when I consider the number of women who die in pregnancy and actual childbirth around the world, death is a very real prospect in many parts of the world and all too often, these deaths are VERY PREVENTABLE.

Why are they dying? Well two main reasons... the lack of skilled midwives, doctors or birth attendants to provide quality care; and, secondly, in many countries, a lack of ELECTRICITY!

Women in complicated pregnancy and labour are being cared for by candle lights and kerosene lamps.  Women and babies die because help can’t be summoned, equipment doesn’t work and professionals can’t see clearly to offer life saving interventions to women.

National and International campaigns to end preventable deaths are not new, but their impact has been slow and in many countries, minimal but I’m delighted to share with you that there is hope!

I have found a very very cool solution to help tackle the problem of limited and unstable lighting – It’s called the Solar Suitcase. A very simple solar powered independent power source that is easy to construct ship and install in areas of high need around the world – and, ACTUALLY SAVE LIVES.

The suitcase is the brain child of Dr.Laura Statchel and her husband who are the founders of We Care Solar and the pioneers who are taking this innovative light source to dark places to light up childbirth in Africa Asia and other parts of the world.

See more about Dr. Laura and the Solar Suitcases here:

I can’t watch that video without weeping and that’s why I decided to celebrate my birthday by  partnering with Dr. Laura Statchel to light up childbirth around the world with the launch of She Shines Global Campaign. On the 22nd July 2014 my team and I hosted a fantastic event/birthday party to launch the campaign. We raised £1000! So we’re off! And we are totally committed to raising £10,000 to light up childbirth and save the lives of WOMEN AND BABIES... so we are a tenth of the way toward our goal!

But that's just the beginning; She Shines Global fully intends to join the international discussion and task forces to find ways to dramatically reduce and ultimately eliminate preventable maternal deaths around the world.

We are fired up and we believe it's possible!  I'm so excited about this and think it’s a very cool way for women to make an impact in the lives of other women on so many levels, together.  It's wonderful to be able to share the gift of better health care with women across the world.

Dion Johnson

Dion Johnson

Speaker & Mentor to Midlife Women in Leadership

Founder She Shines Global Campaign

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