Noticed Anything New?

NEWYou may or may not have noticed a minor change to our url as you’ve logged in or been viewing our site.

We’ve moved from to .  This url change will make no noticeable difference your access or browsing of your website.  You may not even have noticed so far, but we thought you’d let you know just in case you were wondering about the redirections.

Why the change?

Some of our members are aware that we have been in an ongoing disagreement with the CMI about the use of the  So we’ve changed our url to something much better sits with what we do and offers.  Actually the new url says more clearly who we are.  You know that old phrase ‘does what it says on the can' .  We think this fits that just right.  We’re sure you’ll agree.

We’d like to thank our Patron Ron Simpson, for his support during this difficult time and more particularly for his gift to the network of our new url

We hope that now we can be allowed to focus our limited voluntary resources on providing you with a higher level of information and service, which is what we’re here to do.

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