Pictures from our Horizons Induction Day in Leicester

There were 28 people in attendance at our induction day to launch the pilot for our programme.  We were able to squeeze in 12 pairs (Mentors/Mentees) having originally agreed on a pilot of 10 pairs.

Attendees came from far and wide bringing with them a mix of skills, talents, knowledge and career levels.  All have a keen interest in sharing and supporting and developing each other in their careers.

After setting up in one room, due to the lift not working the coordination team had to quickly move to another room on the ground floor.  The change served to add to the initial time allocated to networking time and created an excellent atmosphere from which to start.   Well done to the team for a quick and effortless change around.

Here we share some pictures from the day.  Meet those who have been fortunate enough to join our pilot programme.

Members of the coordination team in attendance were Team Members Karen Beckwith, Project Lead Laura Edwards and National Chair Sandra Pollock.

Thank you to all the Mentors who have agreed and committed to giving their time, energy, wisdom and support to the WiM programme and their Mentees.

Thank you for everyone for taking the time out to join us and get our programme going. We could not do this without you all.  It was a pleasure to meet you all.

If you were with us on the day, please add a comment on what you thought of the day.

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