Police and Crime Commissioners – Public Invitation

Acknowledging government and public concern about the need to engage local communities in the forthcoming elections for Police and Crime Commissioners, CMI East Midlands, in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch and the Rutland Voluntary Sector Consortium, is sponsoring two public hustings for candidates seeking to be elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire and Rutland.

CMI colleagues and members of the public are invited to attend either of the following events and, following a series of short presentations, put questions to candidates prior to deciding who to vote for in the November 15th elections. Both events will commence at 7pm and close at 9pm. Refreshments will be provided upon arrival.

To ensure independence, each hustings will be chaired by a local newspaper Editor. Local Radio and other media organisations have been invited to record event proceedings.

Full details are as follows:-

Leicester and Leicestershire Hustings

Monday October 22nd 2012 - 7pm to 9pm

Holiday Inn, 129 Saint Nicholas Circle Leicester LE1 5LX Tel: 0871 942 9048

Chair - Richard Bettsworth, Editor of the Leicester Mercury


Rutland Hustings

Tuesday October 23rd 2012 7pm to 9pm

 Rutland County Museum, Catmose Street, Oakham LE15 6HW Tel: 01572 758440

Chair – Eileen Green, Editor of the Stamford and Rutland Mercury


To assist catering and orderly management on the night, persons proposing to attend are invited to book, in advance, a place at their chosen event. To book by e-mail contact secretary@rutlandconsortium.org.uk To book by telephone, contact 01572 823465.

While questions for candidates will be accepted from the floor of both meetings, attendees are encouraged to submit written questions in advance to secretary@rutlandconsortium.org.uk

Ron Simpson - Chair - CMI East Midlands




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