Starting Your Business

MP900400735As the first article on our Business Start Up page, it makes sense to  begin by looking at some of the most important points to consider when on the threshold of your new adventure.

Amidst all the excitement and enthusiasm I know that there will also be some apprehension about just where one begins and what one needs to consider and prepare for.  This was exactly how I felt when started my first business and even every time I start a new venture.  It's a time when you can use all the help you can get.

One of the things I know that you will find out given time, is that preparation is key.  Although I'd be the first one to advise against dampening down your enthusiasm with too much preparation, but there are some things one needs to put in the pre-work for.

Over the next couple months we will be sharing some articles on the list of important points below, which will help you to begin your process of thinking and preparation.  If you are a parent, an Aunty or Uncle you will know that no matter how well you prepare, having a new child in the family is different every time.  So is starting a new business for each person, different.  It is there not possible to prepare for every possibility, but thinking around these 7 points will make a good starting point.  So let get you off and stepping out!

1.  How To Get Going - How do you develop our business idea and learn how to be more business minded?

2.  The Question of Money - Where do I get it from? Do I need it? How Much and all that.

3.  Is Anyone Going to Buy My Products or Services? - How do I find out who might be interested?

4.  Design & Development of my Product

4.  Okay, Where Do I Sell Now?

5.  Learning to Negotiate and Sell

6.  Launching My Product to the Market

7.  Customers & How to Keep Them

Watch this space for updates and join in the conversation through the Member Activities section.


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