Talking About Black Communities in Briton Today

I enjoyed reading this piece today.   It is a well written and informative piece from the BBC.  I did not get to see the programme last night.  It is truly time for the facts to come out and to be accepted and the history of black people in the UK to be shared openly and proudly.

The writer ends the piece by saying what would we give to hear the story of one of the black people earlier mentioned?

It is still an unfortunate and frustrating fact that many black people do well and are successful today in the UK, but yet are not properly recognised and still have to prove themselves over and over again before they receive the vaguest of consideration.  We could do well to hear their stories now, so we can learn from them.  Is it that the past is somehow more safe? The person is not here to engage in real and open discussion?  To share what they really feel or to have an opinion?

The world is a place of variety in every form of life, be it plant, animal, insect or human.   It is about time this is accepted and respected.  Variety is good and offers much to the benefit of all.   Like the issues of gender and other false reasons for separation and treating others unfairly, the facts will always out weight any attempt to hide the truth.

This difficulty lies sometimes in the issue of numbers and money.  Where communities are not overly gifted with these they sometimes fail to enable their voices to be heard.  This has been the misfortune many communities in clothing those of the African Caribbean and many others.

This really should not be the case.  Let us recognise people for their skills, abilities and knowledge - for their willingness to contribute and share with others - not for the colour of their skin, their gender or any difference.  To focus only on the difference is to miss out on the beauty, the talent, the purpose and the gift.

To discover the beauty, the talent, the purpose and gift in the difference is what diversity has always brought to those who strong enough to dear to engage.


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