WiM List of Preferred Coaches

Welcome to our list of preferred coaches.

Please choose from the list below and make contact with the individual or organisation directly.

  1. Open Mind Coaching UK
  2. Karen Beckwith - email:  kjbeckwith@btinternet.com
  3. Sonia Thompson - Trans-formations.co.uk


Legal Disclaimer

Although we take great care to try to identify coaches who have demonstrated their ability and attain to our rigorous criteria, WiM UK takes not legal responsibility or liability for the contracts, quality of relationship, management, pricing, negotiations, or the experience between the Coachee, Coaches or Coaching organisations as a result of using this directory.

All views and opinions of coaches or Coaching organisations on this list are solely those of the Coach or Coaching organisation and not those of WiM UK.

Please note that in addition to meeting  the WiM UK essential criteria, Coaches and Coaching organisations on this directory operates paid sponsors links.

Every effort has been made to compile complete and accurate information for this directory.

Even though extraordinary efforts were made to ensure its accuracy, neither the WiM UK, nor its members, volunteers or employees, will be responsible for errors or omissions in this directory.

The information contained herein should not be construed as an endorsement of any member, company, or individual, nor reflect in any way upon the products and/or services provided by WiM UK, an organisation or individual.

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