WIMUK Preferred Coaches

Performance Coaching is now established as an effective tool for supporting senior managers to maintain and improve their individual influence, performance and results.  Coaching is now used as a matter of course in most FTSE 100 organisations.

For many female managers already working their way up the corporate ladder, coaching is one of the most useful tools in helping them to learn important skills such as how to fit into a new and many times different style and approach to communication, interaction and management.

In this regard coaching can provide personal, specific and confidential to help to enable one to progress over some of the hurdles one might face.  Many younger and even more experienced women have found that they have benefited and continue to benefit from coaching in  and many more areas, and have learnt how to adjust their behaviours to fit into organisations structures that in the main are prominently male in culture and thinking, without changing who they.

Women have just as much to offer organisations and UK Plc as our male counterparts, and learning how to effectively deliver your message in a manner that enables managers and colleagues to appreciate, respect and listen, can be provided through mentoring, but more personally and specifically through working on our individual style and behaviour.

Amongst its membership WIMUK has many experienced coaches.  WIMUK has also linked up with other coaching organisations,  so that we can now provide our members with the opportunity to benefit from the experience and knowledge of men and women, who not only have the experience to support in the area, but are excellent coaches.

The WIMUK List of Coaches provides a range of individuals and organisations from whom members can obtain coaching support at discounted rates.