Fashion Show @ Harley-Davidson, Uppingham

For those of you who were unable to join us at the Women in the High Street, in Market towns event yesterday evening, we were able to take a few pictures of the event to share with you.

Clearly these will not really demonstrate the excellent talk we had from Sara O'Regan, owner and Director of Brasense and the Fashion show, demonstrating the great range of really sexy clothing from the Harley-Davidson Clothing UK.

Sara took us through her journey on how Brasense came about and what she has learnt during the 10 years her business has been going.  One of the things that stood out for me was the flexibility required to start her business, which initially planned to be an online retail business but has bloomed out to be the largest face to face bra fit service in the UK.

Really, if you are in the UK or in the Midlands you must try to get along to one of our events, the speakers are really amazing, the atmosphere supportive, genuinely encouraging and inspiring.

We were welcomed to Uppingham by the Mayor of Uppingham, David Ainslie Cllr., Ron Simpson, Secretary Uppingham First and Patron of WIMUK.  Ron shared the value of women owned /managed business to the local economy and the value of the network to the area.

Samantha Hamblin, Director, Hamblin Group, owners of the Sycamore dealership, who hosted the event share that she was moved to get involved with the Women in The High Street Network, because she is a women and business and has always been passionate and support Uppingham and business owners locally.  Theirs is a family owned business which started back from her grand-father, passing on to her father and her.  Samantha was responsible for bringing the Harley-Davidson dealership to Uppingham.  Samantha is a really credit to her family, the business and following her Grand-father and fathers’ footsteps, to the local Uppingham community.

I didn’t realise that in addition to the clothing range Harley-Davidson also do home wear and lots of other things.  We will be running another Women in the High Street event at the Harley-Davidson Uppingham location in November, so make sure you look at for more information to follow in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the slideshow and come along to the next event...

Thank you to our hosts and sponsors:




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